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My name is smiles. I am 20 .I am a student at SCAD. I am a Christian and I'm not ashamed to talk about it. So if you have question totally ask me. I have another page called Smiles Life which has more info on me, the link is below. This is just were I reblog pictures that inspire me to draw, or I just like them. Thats about it. Have a blessed day.

Romans 1:16
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So I cracked the screen on my laptop, so I apologize in advance if there are spelling errors I can’t really see the red squiggly lines. So I am in the selling my artistic skills so that I can get it fixed. So ya if you like my style, or if your friends would like my style you should by something!! Also If you could boost this I’d appreciate this. I really need to do this so my mom doesn’t think that art school is a waste. Also that I actually have a future in this. I have examples of every style that I don in my submissions folder, so take a look and let me know. :)
Traditional Art 

Sketches(9x12 and smaller):$10.00*+SH**
Line art(9x12 and smaller):$12.00*+SH**
Line art+shading(9x12 and smaller):$15.00*+SH**
Full gray scale(9x12 and smaller):$20.00*+SH**
Full color(9x12 and smaller):$25.00*+SH** 

Digital Art 
line art:$10.00*+SH**
Line art+ shading :$15.00*+SH**
Full gray scale:$25.00*+SH** 
Full Color:$30.00*+SH**
Reference sheet $35.00 

[u]*prices varry depending on dificultyy of character how many characters and how much time it takes.*[/u] 
**Shipping and Handeling price: 5.95


Traditional glue guns have problems with leakage and offer limited mobility. The glue pen is a simpler, more ergonomic solution. The pen rests in a battery-operated charging station. Tiny bullet-shaped glue capsules are inserted into the top, and the user is able to control glue flow by pressing a button near their thumb. 


you know your an artist when this excites you. 

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These are some of my works i’ve done this past week :) 

Top: Lidia the Lioness 

Bottom: The Hivvo 


by Daiki Sugimoto


Sculptures by Penny Byrne 

4 reasons i love art right here.


Finally finished my new painting for “Lacrima Acquarium”, a wonderful upcoming group exhibition in Rome…

Alessia Iannetti "Violiceps", graphite, watercolor and ink on wood, 30 x 30 cm, 2013.

LACRIMA AQUARIUM Institutional Group Exhibition

Acquario Romano Museum – Casa Dell’Architettura – Rome, Italy.

In collaboration with Dorothy Circus Gallery Curated by Alexandra Mazzanti and Giorgio de Finis From December 6th till December 30th 2013 opening reception friday December 6th 2013 at 6.30 pm

Lacrima Aquarium is a project curated by Alexandra Mazzanti and Giorgio de Finis, in collaboration with the Contemporary Art Gallery Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome. The exhibition is dedicated to the most essential and female element, the water and its possible memory which can feed and rebuild our lives. Lacrima Aquarium brings to the stage the works of 33 artists, painters and sculptors from the new international pop surrealism scene, which represents the vanguard of contemporary figurative art. The artworks some from private collections, some brand new, composed on the theme of Water, will express through a dreamlike vision, the meaning of what the “Mother Tear” brings inside itself of the collective imaginary. Drop by drop the artists will create for the inspiring hall of the Roman Aquarium the ghost of a mother’s womb able to accept new doctrines, dreams and thoughts. During the opening event will be displayed the art video by Arash Radpour “La Creazione” and will be as well presented the first and the second volumes of Dorothy Circus Gallery’s annual catalogue, published by Drago Publishing and worldwide distribiuted by Last Gasp.

Water Temed Artworks by: Esao Andrews, Chris Berens, Miss Van, Ray Caesar, Nicoletta Ceccoli, Scott Musgrove,Tara McPherson, Sas Christian & Colin Christian, Natalie Shau, Marion Peck, Crystal Chan, Afarin Sajedi, Zoe Byland, Seven Moods, Marco Tarascio, Clementine De Chabaneix, Naoto Hattori, Leila Ataya, Adam Wallacavage, Francesca Romana Di Nunzio, Kukula, Camille Rose Garcia, Aron Wiesenfeld, Mr. Klevra, Kazuki Takamatsu, Kwon Kyungyup, Alessia Iannetti, Paolo Guido, and video artwork by Arash Radpour Special guests Tim Biskup - Lladrò & Jaime Hayon – Lladrò

Sponsored by: Lladrò, DRAGO Publishing, Acquario Romano, Dorothy Circus Gallery

Madia Partner: HiFructose, Wall Street International, Beautiful Bizarre, LeCool


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